Property Management

Property Management

Asset Management

In cooperation with Erste Asset Management, we offer you asset management in the form of several different types of portfolios. When compiling them, portfolio managers respect your wishes regarding the investment horizon, risk level and return potential. Subsequently, they actively manage the portfolio, react promptly to the development of financial markets and select the best opportunities for appreciation for you.

Investment Advice

If you want to maintain a more active role and apply your own experience, we offer you individual investment advice and consultation of your plans. You have the opportunity to use our know-how, while the final decision regarding a specific investment will always belong to you.

Receiving instructions

You gain access to investment instruments traded on world markets with us. We will provide you with analytical data and trading platforms on which you will be able to carry out your trades easily and comfortably. You can use the TraderGO internet platform, which we offer in cooperation with the Danish SAXO Bank, or the ČS Investment Broker service, which accepts and execute your phone instructions.

Trust Funds

The trust fund institute is an ideal tool for the protection and long-term management of family or company assets. It can protect it from unexpected events and legal risks and, if required, structure them for future transfers.

Private Equity

Through Private Equity, you can invest in companies that are not publicly traded. Investments are mostly focused on well-functioning small and medium-sized enterprises with a promising range of products and services, highly qualified management and promising growth potential.


For selected investment products, you can use the option of drawing annuities. All you have to do is choose the period and amount in which you want to pay out the funds. Suitable for those of you who want to further enhance your finances and at the same time secure a regular income.

Hedging against exchange rate risk

As a part of investment advisory, we have prepared the possibility of hedging exchange rate risk through forward (or swap) contracts. Forward contracts allow you to buy or sell foreign currency on time, ie with delivery or performance in the future, at a price set today - the exchange rate. Therefore, if you plan to buy or sell a larger volume of foreign currency, a forward contract will allow you to hedge against adverse movements in the exchange rate of two currencies. Forward contracts or simply forwards have an exclusively hedging character and are not used for speculative transactions.

Investment Center

The Investment Center portal provides a comprehensive product and information service for all those who are interested in the world of investments and information on products offered by Česká spořitelna. Current events on the financial markets, information on shares, indices, interest rates or currencies, macroeconomic analysis and development forecasts, comments on developments on the capital markets and detailed information on all investment products of the Erste Bank financial group offered by Česká spořitelna are available online on your desktop, but also on your mobile devices.

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